Lil’panda is a super cute, fun lifestyle brand that seeks to
empower girls to express their own unique inner spark and optimism.
Believing that spreading happiness and celebrating the positive
makes the world a better place.

The brand was inspired by its creator
who wanted to make a difference in the lives of young
people around the world -- by creating a brand that focuses on the
positive and celebrates individuality.

Here at lil’panda we believe there is a unique spark that resides
in the hearts of all kids that is very positive, honest, creative
and sees the wonder and magic in life. It’s an amazing thing!
And hopefully, we hold onto a portion of this our whole lives,
because it's that spark that empowers us to make dreams
come true.

Lil’panda celebrates and strives to nurture the unique
spark of optimism, ingenuity, and confidence,
the real magic inside everyone of us.